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    Hey! So, Coming Out Day is coming up soon (Oct. 11) and I just want to post a very stern reminder to NOT out anyone without their explicit permission.

    Do NOT out anyone.

    Got it?


    this is also a less important point, but still worth noting: DO NOT “come out” as an ally. don’t you dare.

    Also - don’t feel pressured to come out. You don’t have an obligation to put yourself in an unsafe situation for any reason.

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    Double standard?  What double standard?

    I will criticize whoever earns the fucking criticism

    "Stop publicly criticizing Quinn"
    Stop criticizing the women who cheated on her boyfriend and fucked her way to getting good reviews! Seriously guys, why would you ever be mad at her? /s
    I mean, obviously we should stop putting all the blame on Quinn, and some on the corrupt fucking reviewers. She’s not the only one at fault here, but she deserves equal if not more blame imo.

    The fact that she cheated on her boyfriend is honestly irrelevant, that’s none of your business.
    What should be stated in the article is you should keep your criticism to what IS relevant if you do choose to criticize those women. And the statement above mentioning the fact that she cheated is precisely why you’re being told to leave them alone.
    Women in the gaming industry are too often criticized and ridiculed for things which are beyond their control or have no place being brought up; such as Carolyn Petit who endured both harassment and abuse for giving GTA V a slightly lower score and bringing up the treatment of women, because she was not only a woman but happened to be transgender as well.
    I agree that women should be criticized but you really need to examine the criticism you’re leveling at them and ask yourself just how much of that is actually fair or any of your business.

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    I honestly can’t believe this right now. I was complaining to my bf about some Kotex tampons I had used, going on a bit of a rant about how bad they were, and on a whim I decided to go to the website and leave a review so other people who might get them would know better.
    I’ve never written a tampon review in my life (it’s not something I ever anticipated doing) so I had a little fun getting very passionate about my thoughts, and then went to submit…. Only to receive the words: ‘Your review text contains inappropriate language.’ I was confused at first, I mean I was pretty emphatic, but I didn’t cuss at all… and then I realized: I had typed the word ‘vagina.’ 

    You can’t type the word ‘vagina’ on a TAMPON review because it’s considered inappropriate.

    KOTEX, a company that makes OVER A BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR primarily selling products to people with vaginas, thinks that someone typing the word “VAGINA” in a review of a product that goes IN THEIR VAGINA is being inappropriate and needs to be censored.

    I retyped “v*gina” with an asterisk like it was a swear word, submitted and it went to preview mode with no problem. But I’m still kind of in shock… Honestly, what is wrong with Kotex that they think they need to protect tampon users from the word ‘vagina’?

    If you didn’t think our society’s fear of the vagina was absurd, here you go. It’s cartoonish.

    Where are we meant to put them? Does the box say “Insert into your Hoohoo”?

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    The end of September is upon us, and I know you’re just dying with questions! So we’re gonna make like Leslie Knope and offer y’all a little sex ed. Well, all the sex ed. That’s right, it’s time for our monthly reader questions!

    For inspiration, take a look at these past months:
    June, July Part 1, July Part 2, August.

    Now, friend, let me make this clear. You may have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of sex ed questions, but what I said was: Give me all the sex ed questions.

    Remember, we’re answer anything (that’s serious) and we’ll post your questions anonymously, so don’t be afraid to get gross.

    So, what’s on your mind this month?


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    How to spot a fake geek guy:

    • says robin is useless
    • says aquaman is useless
    • worships batman bc batman is invincible
    • doesn’t “understand” superman because he’s not relatable or interesting
    • makes “hero vs hero” posts
    • probably smells like axe

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    David Letterman is going to have a fascinating guest on The Late Night Show October 8th…

    That’s right! It’s the blue-haired diva herself HATSUNE MIKU!!!! 

    The official MIKU EXPO Twitter announced that the popular variety late night talk show, starring David Letterman and Paul Shaffer, will have Miku perform to show off the technologies of how a live concert would work. This is likely to promote the MIKU EXPO event which takes place a few days after that show. 

    It’s good to know that Miku is expanding to places we never thought imaginable! 

    (Info taken from MikuFan)

    w hat the fuck is happening

    my favorite thing about this is that it leads to one of two equally perfect conclusions:

    a) david letterman has absolutely no idea what a vocaloid is and will have to suffer through his own talk show being briefly taken over by a chirping holographic cartoon robot teenager using technology he only vaguely understands, or

    b) david letterman currently is/will soon be a fan of hatsune miku

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